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New Section...The ABC's of Oriental Rugs - this is a very introductory primer of what factors affect the value of an Oriental Rug.  This section introduces a page of Oriental Rug Investment Tips.

For Professional Oriental Rug Cleaners...

Visit the Auserehlian Oriental Rug Cleaning School.  Become Certified Oriental Rug Cleaning Specialists.


Northern Colorado's Oldest and Largest Oriental Rug Washing and
Sales Establishment and the "Jewel of the Front Range"

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Our Oriental Rug store is like an oasis for a mystical, magical shopping experience.

 Phil Auserehl and Ron Toney will present a two day advanced class for existing rug cleaners who want to take their skills to a higher level.
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We Invite you to reserve your free copy of  our  2015 "Woven Treasures" wall hanging oriental rug calendar
Each month you'll discover magnificent rugs from around the world accented with fascinating photographs of weavers and the beautiful landscapes from where they live. 

If you can't stop in to pick your copy, give us a call to reserve your copy... But do it soon as we have a limited supply.

Read what others have said once they received their copy of this 2015 Woven Treasures / Castle Cleaning & Oriental Rug Co, LLC Calendar.

So come take a virtual pleasure trip through the orient. 



See why Persian and Oriental Carpet enthusiasts from
around the world visit the galleries of Castle Oriental Rugs

Visiting our retail showroom is like being in an art museum.  Luxurious hand-made artifacts from around the world, all displayed in a charming shopper-friendly atmosphere.  What a treat to have such a  wealth of beauty to admire and enjoy!  

Castle Cleaning and Oriental Rug Co. has become a favorite destination for art lovers as well as shoppers! People come from all over to marvel at our huge collection of one-of-a-kind rugs and carpets featuring original designs and gorgeous color combinations.

For your shopping pleasure, we have gathered an unequalled collection of hand-woven, uniquely designed rugs from around the world.   Be it a yurt or a castle or anything in between, we can help you decorate your home with distinctive textures and colors, all of them exquisitely handcrafted.

We'll even give you a personal guided tour!

Since time immemorial, hand-woven floor coverings have serviced people wondrously, like an old friend. Each treasured piece serves as a family retainer, style consultant and art historian.


Discover your fantasy world of ancient artistry and modern design!
Many visitors say they can close their eyes and "see" the ancient weavers practicing their craft, much like skilled musicians playing their instruments.  We've invested more than 30 years in collecting and preparing for your visit.



Click, Sit Back & Enjoy


Your oriental rugs and carpets are not just art treasures, they're also very valuable investments.  They must be stored and cleaned properly to maintain the rug itself and increase the value.  That's why you want a Rug Cleaning specialist  that will take care of your rug and not a "carpet cleaner".  Castle Cleaning & Oriental Rug Co. is the home of  the world-renowned Auserehlian Cleaning system. Authentic hand washing and compressed-air cleaning for fine textiles.


DUDE 2092014347
Carpet-Sniffing Dog named DudeAn open letter by Laurie Hindman published
in the Berthoud Recorder...

Click here for another Testimonial  about "DUDE" - now a bit older & wiser and Happy Birthday.  One year old today, 10-15-08.

Click here for more information about our in-plant Oriental rug cleaning facility.
Below is one letter from a happy customer...

From Susan Holden:  Dear Phil & Ginny:  You did a great job!  My small oriental was not a big job, but you treated as it was.  I bought it when I moved to Florida simply liked it & got the dealer to come down to the price I needed.  So I was able to spend what I needed to get it cleaned.

You treated me and my rug as a big customer.  Great service which is so difficult to find these days.  I will have hopefully the "Big Prize" (not that my small one isn't) definitely send to you.

I will refer you to my friends, my sister in Missouri that have special rugs.  I couldn't send your postcard back to you!  I love you business cards, postcards & thank you cards.

Thanks for the great service and caring!  PS:  I found you on the internet - I liked your website.
Susan J. Holden.

Editorials and

by Phil Auserehl

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make rug cleaning
customers see red

6823094272 - A Carpet Isn't Clean
Until It's Dry
 Carpet Care


Phil Auserehl, Jewel of the Front Range

If you have questions about your oriental carpets, persian rugs or other flooring questions or comments, please email Phil at 8702292380 or call 1-970-532-2187

If there is an emergency, you can call us at 970-532-2170



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